How do I obtain a category H firearms licence?

You may request a licence application and genuine reason form online from the NSW Firearms Registry, or you may call the NSW Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562 to make application.

You must provide your name, address, NSW drivers licence and date of birth details and you will need to state your genuine reason for obtaining a firearms licence as 'sport/target shooting' and the category of licence as 'category H'.

You must complete your application, sign it, attend the Club and ensure all Club fees are paid in full and the relevant Official may sign to support your genuine reason and return it with all supporting documentation including your Safe Handling Course completion certificate to the:

Firearms Registry
Locked Bag 1
Murwillumbah NSW 2484

Your application, when received, will be reviewed and you will be informed of the outcome, usually within 6 - 8 weeks.

What is a safe handling course?

A Safe Handling Course must be undertaken by all unlicenced persons before being allowed to shoot on an approved range.

Kemps Creek Pistol Club utilises the New South Wales Amateur Pistol Association's (NSWAPA)  P650 Safe Handling Course. The course focuses on both theory and practical in the safe handling and use of a firearm.

Once completed a Safe Handling Course is valid for one (1) month from the date on Safe Handling Course completion certificate unless he/she joins a pistol club and applies to the NSW Firearms Registry for his/her Probationary Pistol Licence (PPL).

The club shall forward the Safe Handling Course completion certificate to the NSW Firearms Registry and will also provide two (2) copies for personal records.

When & where are the safe handling courses held?

Safe Handling Courses are only held for prospective Club members. If you wish to try before committing to a membership please contact the Sydney International Shooting Centre (SISC) for information on their 'Try Shooting' program.

Kemps Creek Pistol Club holds Safe Handling Courses over two Tuesday (2) nights a fortnight apart (generally the 1st and 3rd week every month). The first night will include some light reading and focus on the theory of the safe handling of a firearm, use of a firearm and some basic pistol information.

The second night will start off with a test on the information from the first night and if successful you may start the practical section of the course where you will apply the information that you learnt previously.

The course is supervised one-on-one and at the Club's discretion your course may be terminated for any reason we see fit.

The Safe Handling Course is held at the Sydney International Shooting Centre (SISC) at 6pm sharp. Please check the calendar for the latest information regarding dates and times as these may change.

My membership application was refused, what is the course of action?

As stated on the letter you would have received, you may apply in writing for reconsideration to the Executive Committee within 14 days.

You must address any issues raised and provide any relevant information requested or information you may believe is relevant.

If the reason your application was refused was due to failing the NSW Firearms Registry personal history check, this is out of our control and any issues must be taken up with the NSW Firearms Registry.