General Information

Target pistol shooting is a safe and enjoyable sport for all ages 12+. We currently have just over 150 regularly shooting members involved in club competitions. We try and encourage all of our members to shoot outside the club competition with competitions held throughout NSW and Australia.

By law you are required to attend a minimum of six (6) club approved competitions, as well as, depending upon the number of types of target pistols owned, additional practices must be completed annually. All shooters must sign a members' or visitor's book upon entering the range. Failure to comply may result in your licence being revoked, face a possible 10 year suspension and your firearms seized.


How to Join

On the first Tuesday of every month (April through September) we run our Safe Handling Course where new members can attend the range.

You are put through a specific course, developed by the NSWAPA, that focuses on safety and the rules and regulations in operating a firearm. This course in run over 2 nights a fortnight apart, the first night includes both theory and practical training with an approved instructor in an one-on-one environment for the practical. A fortnight later you must sit an exam and on completion you will be issued a safe handling course completion certificate and you may begin your training with the club.

There is no cost for this course except range fees (currently $18.50). Please wear enclosed footwear, do not wear loose clothing as well as bringing your own eye and hearing protection.

Additional Information

Club firearms are available (no hire fee) for all members every Tuesday night.

We shoot every Tuesday night from 6pm at the Sydney International Shooting Centre (SISC), one of the world's finest ranges. The Centre boasts one 10m indoor range and three partial indoor ranges (25m, 50m and finals) as well as conference and meeting rooms and a kiosk.

If you are interested in joining please don't hesitate to call us or use the contact us form.